How to View Others' Exchange Calendars

My company uses Office 365’s email exchange server. We all use Outlook 2013, which allows us to view each other’s exchange calendars. Is there any way to view their calendars in EM? It doesn’t appear CalDav is supported in Office 365 so I can’t figure out how i can use EM to view their calendars. Otehrwise EM has been great! Any help is appreciated.

Hi Brandon, while using Exchange you can only use delegation for these services, you should be able to setup the delegation in your webmail application of Office 365.

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@Paul I too would like to achieve this, but didn’t quite understand your suggestion. Would be most grateful if you could elaborate. 

Delegation is a bit different feature than calendar sharing, delegation allows the person you delegate the calendar to schedule your events as you, this feature is mostly for assistants or to schedule events in external calendars such as resources etc., however it also allows the person that you delegate the calendar to, to view your calendar as well.

You can setup delegation in the online interface of your Exchange account or in eM Client in your calendar’s properties under the “Delegation” tab.

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Is this still the case? (i.e. is delegate access still the only way to view the events of another Exchange calendar?)

Hello Daniel, yes Exchange accounts only support calendar Delegation.