How to view email html source code that hasn't been reformatted

I’m very new to eM Client, and I’m still trying to decide if I can use it. One thing I need to do often is copy the HTML source code of a email newsletter that’s mailed to me, so I can paste it into an html editor for re-sending elsewhere. After installing I gave this a try, but it looks like when I view the source, it’s been reformatted. It seems that all the lines have been clipped off, and an ‘=’ added to the line end. Am I missing something in the settings? Somehow when I view source, I need to see just raw html, no changes. I really would like to see eM Client work for me, so if somebody has some advice I’d love to here it. Thanks.

Hello Tom, I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to, you can view the HTML source by right clicking the message and selecting “View source”, this is the raw data that has been received by eM Client from the server. Note that the HTML formatting for emails is usually different from regular HTML code, and can include additional tags used by email clients.
The source code of the message includes the messages headers as well, if you’re working with HTML newsletters, the HTML content and code should be included in the content-type: text/html message part.


Thanks for the reply. I’m coming from MS Outlook, and when I get the copy of the newsletters sent to me, I copy the html in to another editor so I can re-send it for them using a mailing program online. Outlook is the same was as eM, you right click on the message and select view source. It works perfectly in Outlook because the html comes out just as sent. When I do that in eM, it changes the code, cutting off lines, and adding ‘=’ to the end. The email is being sent exactly the same way as it’s always sent, so it’s eM that is changing it.

I don’t understand what you have in mind by change the code, eM Client does not change the code of the received message, the message is received in the format you’re able to display by clicking on “Show source”.


Hi. I might not be explaining this well. What it is are emails from authors that they want me to send out for them using a mass email program on a server. They design the email, send it to me, then I just have to do a bit of editing to it to make it ready to resend. I understand that the view source shows me the code, but it being changes by eM Client. I’m including an example of what I mean. This was a block of code that should be continuous, but instead it breaks by ending each line with ‘=’:

; width: 40px; position: absolute; opacity: 0.85; z-index: 8675309; display=  
: none; cursor: pointer; border: medium none; background-color: transparent=  
; background-image: url(  
B0OuHxeEQhxkJMFosJiSO/UinOI/8Pc+l7KKArAT8AAAAASUVORK5CYII=3D); top: 273px;=  
 left: 405px;"\>  

Like I said, this is only happening in eM. Outlook show source works perfectly.


The = signs at the ends of lines imply that you are looking at MIME-encoded data, in particular with the “quoted-printable” encoding. For example, I’m looking at an HTML email that’s MINE-encoded, and I see

Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
Content-Type: text/html; charset=“iso-8859-1”

So apparently Outlook is not showing you the exact source. Instead, it’s doing the MIME decoding and then showing you the result. (eMclient certainly is not adding the MIME encoding to a received message.)

Luckily you can search the web for <> and find sites which will do the decoding for you.


I will give that a try. Thanks.