how to use Distribution Lists

How do I create and use distribution lists for e-mails?

Hi, you should be able to do this by selecting all the contacts you want to add to the distribution list (by using shift or ctrl button) and right click the selection.
There should be an option in the menu “create a distribution list”, or you can create an empty distribution list without the need select the contacts and add the contacts manually.

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I too, am wanting to create a distribution list or a group list but I’m not seeing that option anywhere. There is no option in the menu to do this. 

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when you’re in your contacts folder, to create a distribution list just select the contacts you want to add into the distribution list, right click the selection and select " Create new distribution list" or click on the dropdown arrow next to “New” in the toolbar and select Distribution list.

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Thank you so much, Paul! That worked! :slight_smile:

Glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

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It’s my first day using eMClient and I’m working/sorting my way through it all. Really happy with it so far and even happier with the instant support you have provided! 

Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

I don’t want to have to “select” contact to add to a distribution list. Frankly, I could not remember who goes into what list. I have several. The reason I downloaded this email program was in hope I could upload csv files and include the labels they appear under. Looks like I am foiled again.

This is exactly my problem too; has it been fixed yet? How is it possible that an email program cannot import existing csv groups? I do hope you’ll add this capability soon!

I created a list how do I insert the list in an email?

I created a distribution list but don’t know how to insert it in an email. I’ve tried everything I know but can’t get it to work.

Why can’t I get any help on this subject?

The help is already there by pressing F1. When the help page opens in your browser, go to Features > Email > Distribution List.

Hi Gary
Your reply is dated Feb 2020 and appears to be totaly wrong for the latest version of eM Client (Ver: 8.2.169 (845a639) I’m having a real problem inserting “distribution lists” into the email address bar for the recipient. In fact I can’t get any type of selection so I can even choose a Dist List.
I have the Dist Lists saved in the main “contacts” list as a sub folder and also in the Local Folders area as sub folders. Nothing seems to find them.
The F1 help menu is of n use as I believe it refers to an older version of eM Client, I don’t get a chance to even get to a “PLUS” sign and my help menu is different to the on identified in the F1 Help Guide.

Pease OH please, can anyone help me?

Sure, the Documentation will change from time to time. In Feb 2020 we we still on version 7.
The current version is 8 and the Documentation has been updated to reflect that.

You can find the page about Distribution Lists here.

You can also use the search box in the top right of the Documentation to find specific sections.

Hi Gary and thanks for your reply.

I think that you have missed the point I was making. The process I follow is using distribution lists that I have created following eM Client process, when I go to create a NEW email and go to the “To” section, I can’t even enter any of the Dist lists I have created. I have tried by typing the Dist List name, nothing gets inserted, unlike when you start to type an existing address where you get a list to select from, then select who you want and it gets inserted into the “to” field.

I get nothing e.g. NO DIST LIST name and certainly nothing with a “+” sign that I could expand if required as per your help docs. I can’t even get the Dist List name into the “To” field.

I don’t believe I am doing anything wrong with my Dist List setup… all I want to do is have a simple 4 Dist Lists with up to 40 members. Then select the appropriate list for use as a bulk email to members of our volunteer fire service. 4 x different lists for different mixes of skills.

Can you open and edit the Distribution List?

Hi Gary,

in the synchronisation there is actually another quite substantial issue that I hope you have a solution for:

For context: I use eM client for Emails and Contacts but prefer to use the calendar in my browser.

When I create a new distribution list, as you say it gets transfered to Google Workspace as a simple contact with many email addresses. This has the effect that every contact from the DL is now just listed as a contact with the name of the DL. This makes my Google Calender an absolute mess. Same actually when I use Gmail in my browser to send an email to any one of these contacts. The DL contact somehow overwrites all the previous contacts I had saved and I get only the name of the DL for each of these contacts.

Is there a fix for this?