How to use Categories?

How to use e-mails Categories?

Managing Categories:

You can access the Categories Manager window by selecting from the main menu: Tools -> Categories.

Each of these four icons represents Contacts, Mails, Calendar Events, and Tasks respectively.

In the left half of the list are the category labels. Click on the columns corresponding to each of the four item types along the row occupied by the label to make the label available for the selected item types.

I know, the above sentence is a bit syntactically challenging, to put it more plainly, if you want to make the “Business” label available for Contacts, Calendar Events, and Tasks then just click on the column with the ID card icon, the one with the Calendar icon, and the one with the Clipboard Icon; and if you want to make the label “Red Flag” available to E-Mails, then just click on the column with the envelope icon on the row occupied by that label.

Add… adds a new Category, opens up the Category Editor window.

Edit… customize an existing Category, opens up the Category Editor window.

Remove: deletes an existing Category.

Move Up/Move Down: affects the order in which the Categories will be arrange in the category assignment drop down menus.

Customize Categories

eM Client comes with a set of pre-defined, most commonly used categories, such as Business, Personal, School etc. You may of course wish to change the pre-defined categories or add your own.

When you click Add… to add new categories or Edit… to edit existing categories, you will be brought to the Category Editor window

Name: Enter or change the name of the label.

Color: The color of the label that will appear next to your labeled items. Click on Change… to bring up a windows standard color pallet with which you can assign a different color to the label.

Use for: Check each item type you wish the label to be made available for. In the sample case, the label “Needs Preparation” is being assigned to Calendar Events and Tasks.

Assigning Categories to items:

Whenever you create or edit an item in eM Client, be it an E-Mail, a contact, a Calendar Event, or a Task, you can assign categories to it, a way to quickly recognize and assess the nature of the item.

Once categories are assigned, they will be shown when you view the items

To assign a category to an item, select it in the drop-down Category menu, you can assign multiple categories to an item. To remove a category select it again from the list.
Assigning Categories to Calendar Events

-> Assigning Categories to Tasks

-> Assigning Categories to Contacts

-> You may also assign categories to items in their list views.