How to use CalDav with hotmail/


I’ve installed an evaluation version of eM Client.  I’m trying to just view my Hotmail/ calendar in emClient.  To do this, I’ve tried to add a CalDav account.  To this end, I provided my email address, password and what I believe is my CalDav url.  But I keep getting an error:

10:36:13 PM [CalDAV / CardDAV] MailExceptions.OperationException: Subfolder synchronization for folder “” failed due to the following error: Not Found

If I choose the automatic approach, where I sync all of my accounts (email, calendar, contacts), it works fine.  But I really just want to use my calendar.

I tried the same URL in a different client (Windows Live Calendar Gadget) and it successfully retrieved by calendar entries.

I’m using the latest version of emClient, that I just downloaded off the web: 6.0.22344.0

Please advise.


Hello, unfortunately do not support CalDAV, you can only synchronise your calendars over AirSync - e.g. what’s setup using the automatic setup, this unfortunately can cause some issues as the calendar server are often swamped with requests and can be unavailable - we’re working on an updated handling of this server, that will allow you to setup the account as IMAP with Calendar/Contacts sync over AirSync instead of the current AirSync only option (you can setup your email account as IMAP however you won’t be able to synchronise the calendars).


Hi Paul,

Thank you for your quick reply.  I understand that may not suppport CalDAV.  But I’m confused then what a few other clients are doing to get calendar only information.

  1. Windows Live Calendar Gadget.  For this program, I provide my user name, password, and a https url that ends in calendar.ics.  The description provides for this URL is ‘Import into other calendar applications (ICS)’.  In the case of this gadget, this provides me a read only view into the calendar.  What is the Windows Live Calendar Gadget doing?  Is this CalDav or some other protocol?

  2. My iPhone/iPad.  On iOS, I can provide my user name and password and select only calendar.  At that point only calendar events (not email or contacts) are synced.  This is bi-directional; I can read and update calendar events.

I’m looking for something on Windows with similar functionality.  eMClient is much prettier than Windows Live Calendar Gadget, and more functional.

If you could enlighten me as to what these two programs are doing differently from emClient, that would be very much appreciated.!


Hello again, does not support CalDAV/CardDAV, calendars are synchronised over AirSync (sort of lightweight version of Exchange), this is also supported by eM Client, just use the automatic setup and the account will be setup, however it’s not possible to split the calendar and mail service so you could use only sync for Calendar at the moment.

We’re however working on improving this in future releases so calendar service can be setup with IMAP.