how to upgrade to the paid version?

When I decided to upgrade from the free version to the paid version, I expected some help. But there was nothing under Help, and a quick review of the home page didn’t show me how. I’m sure I’ll figure it out, but please make it easier!!

you can purchase PRO license here:
After the purchase you will get confirmation email with your unique Activation key. If you need any further assistance contact me directly at [email protected]

George, can you explain the $19.95 renewal fee? Does that apply to the free license or just the Pro version? I am interested in continued updates beyond the first year, but don’t need the Pro license otherwise.

It does not apply to the Free license. When you purchase PRO license you get VIP support, unlimited accounts and one of year of upgrades. After the license expires you can keep using last installed version or purchase another year of upgrades.

Are upgrades available with the Free license beyond the first year?