How to type letters with accents

If I want to type an accent over the letter “e” in MS Word, I can type Control-apostrophe, “e”, but when I try to do this in eM Client, it does not work. How do I type the letter “e” with an accent mark? I get emails from other people with the accent there, and it shows up in em Client, but I cannot do it unless I type my email in MS word and then copy and paste it into em Client. Is there a different code for em Client? I copied this word from an email I received: Café, and you can see the accent, but I cannot reproduce it in em Client.

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You do not say your language
My main computer has a Spanish keyboard but if I use a different I do this:

To use these Hold ALT Key & enter number MUST USE Numerical Keypad

+++++ +++++ +++++ +++++

Luckily, there are only 5 different kinds of accent marks in French,
unfortunately they are used on many letters:

â - 0224
à - 0226
ç - 0231
ê - 0234
é - 0233
è - 0232
ë - 0235
î - 0238
ï - 0239
ô - 0244
û - 0251
ü - 0252
ÿ - 0255

+++++ +++++ +++++ +++++

á - 0225
é - 0233
í - 0237
ó - 0243
ú - 0250
ñ - 0241
ü - 0252

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German has four special letters; three are vowels accented with an umlaut sign (ä, ö, ü) and one is derived from a ligature (long s) and (z) (ß); called Eszett “ess-zed/zee” or scharfes S “sharp s”), all of which are officially considered distinct letters of the alphabet, and have their own names separate from the letters they are based on.

ß - 0223
ä - 0228
ö - 0246
ü - 0252

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These are the main I use, if you have a particular email what you want.
Generally I do not use with capital letter.
Also with Win11 Pro you have a facility to use emoji keyboard

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My language is English, but I wanted to use it for the words that are accented, like café, or people’s names like Renée, for example. Thank you! Yes, this works well. I would have preferred to use the MS Word technique because you don’t have to remember all those numbers, but I guess this will do.

Thanks again!!!


Hopefully eM Client can then maybe in a future version, add those @skybat number accents as standard keyboard (shortcuts) in eM Client settings with the other preset shortcuts.