How to troubleshoot synchronizing

Windows7x64, eMC ver 6.0.23421.0. , IMAP on Gmail.

I am looking at the “Downloading messages” for hours. Unread: 2551  Total 69607

Once I get eMC working properly, I want to create a second gmail account, enable IMAP and drag a copy of my original Gmail account into it, thereby making a copy of the 10 GB of mail I have. 

But, before that, I need to get eMC working. 

How can I troubleshoot the sync speed. I know that a giant project will take a few days, but I am not even doing that yet…and until I can discover why eMC is so slow, well, I can’t move ahead.

Who can help me troubleshoot (and answer my other outstanding questions)?

[ADDED] I just turned off the “synchronize every 10 minutes” - maybe that was gumming up the works. Also, I have the ‘make available for offline reading’ option checked so that I’ll have a whole copy.

Hi Carl,
while you do this, it is indeed good to turn off the automatic synchronization every x minutes for a while.
Second, if you turned on to download the full messages for offline use and have a 10GB of data… I am afraid there is no way to speed this up. You are downloading all 10GB of those messages, including attachments. It will just take a lot of time.
Or are you experiencing any error during the synchronization? If so, please include a screenshot of this. Or check the Tools > Operations > Log tab and copy it’s contents here, if any error occurs.

Best regards,

Hi Olivia,

Thank you for your reply. I am pretty sure that turning off the auto sync every x minutes did the trick.

I know that 10 GB of data will take a while. I figured a few days (my connection is only 35 Mbps down and 6 up), yet i’ve had eMC installed for months (and am still learning it - yesterday I learned about local vs. Gmail calendars - lol)

I have been getting errors all the time…yet, it’s now too early to report on this since I have turned off the auto sync…and, because of a windstorm, some areas in rural Seattle are going on the SECOND day without internet - am tethered to my phone right now). 

I have all the log options checked to log, yet I’ll wait on this…

I would like very much to verify that if I have [IMAP] “download messages for offline use”, does this sync ALL of the folders and load ALL mail up with the contents (not just headers)? I can’t really move ahead wth my plan to put everything into a new, second, yet to be created Gmail account for storage until I am sure I am loading up everything locally. (I don’t have any archiving set yet)

I need to learn if there is a difference between hitting F5 (to sync) while highlighting on the singular gmail account’s main “Inbox”, or with highlighting the “All Mail” folder/label/whatever …do ALL gmail folders get synced no matter what is highlighted when I press F5? 

Again, thanks for your reply,


Hi Carl.
eM Client downloads header for the IMAP accounts by default and downloads the messages ONLY when the “download messages for offline use” is checked, that’s what the option is for. If you check the “Include attachemnts and images” it even downloads the images and attachemnts, just as it says.

If you are logging everything while doing this, it also slows down the application quite a lot. Because you are downloading a big load of data and logging everything about the process. With a very slow connection and internet problems.

F5 synchronizes everything by default, no matter what is highlighted.

Best regards,