How To Transfer Distribution List to Another Person

I have a distribution list that I use to send information to members of a woodturning guild. I am stepping down as communications director and being replaced by another member. How can I transfer the distribution list to him when he is using a different email program? I have tried right-clicking on the distribution list and save-as but when I send the file to him he tells me that it is empty. It is only 11Kb so that doesn’t seem large enough to contain any names, email addresses, etc. I tried right-clicking and Export to CSV. That didn’t work either. The new user is using gmail. Any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated!!!

Try this:

Open Contacts within eMC
Locate the Distribution List (aka: Group)
Right-click the Group and select the Move/Copy to Folder, Print, etc

Thank you for your reply. I’m trying to figure out how this helps. I know that I can print out the list, move it, etc. but I want to copy it to a USB drive or somehow transfer the entire list as a file that my replacement can open up on his computer without a lot of keyboarding. Isn’t there a way to export it as a file that can be opened on a different computer and converted to the other user’s email format? I appreciate you trying to help!!

Sorry about that, guess I should have read a little more carefully. I will have to have a talk with myself about this later. :wink: :grinning:

It would appear that printing is the only option and if there are other options you have not already tried another of the volunteers in this forum will surely jump in.