How to switch email subject and recipients position in the message list view?

Hello, fairly new to Em Client.
I love the customization options, which is why I am a bit perplexed by this “issue” I have.

I would like to switch the position of the email subject lines, and the recipients involved in the email.
In the case below, the text with the RED arrows should be located where the GREEN arrows are, and vice versa.

Is there an option to do this?
It would seem to me that the subject line info is more important than the recipients list, although it is not shown like this.

Alternatively, is it possible to ONLY show the subject line, and not the recipients in the message list?
Could not find that option either.

Thank you.

Right-click on the column row header, next to Sorted by Received. Choose Columns Configuration.

Select and move the Subject option above the From option up. Finally click on OK.


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Hello Gary,

Amazing quick response time!
This worked perfectly as expected.
Thank you! :grinning: