How to stop eMC from sync'ing at program startup

This problem has been going on for ages and I finally broke down
and pose this question.

The screenshot shows my settings

As you can see - eMC doesn’t run at system startup
and Sychronize at startup is not ticked.

Nevertheless, that setting is ignored.
Result is that eMC takes ages to start up and is by far the slowest email client
I ever used…

If it was just me - I can understand, but this forum is full of complaints
about the slow startup and the above bug is part of it…

The only way I can curtail this, is by starting up off-line.
Otherwise un ticking  the marked item has no effect…

Does anyone else has this experience ? or know the answer?

Thanks for any effective answers…


Yes, I can confirm that unticking _ synchronize Items at startup _ is completely ignored. But I can’t say that eM Client takes ages to start up. From hitting the icon in the start menue to completiion of the synch process it takes 11-12 seconds (V 7.2.35128, Win10pro V1809). I have 5 accounts with 25 custom folders on my account. I also have Outlook as part of my Office 365. Outlook takes 19 seconds to start and synch all accounts and folders. Windows Mail and Mailbird are faster at startup, but don’t offer the features that Outlook and eM Client offer. For me eM Client wins over Outlook because of its smart folders.
Startup time isn’t so important for me, since I usually start once and leave the program running in the background all day long.


Thanks very much - you covered  everything in one fell swoop,
including programs , I was alluding to…which you didn’t know,
since I didn’t spell them out…
I couldn’t ask for a better answer  - Talk about effective …and fast…

OK, I’ll live with the longer startup time.
As  mentioned, for me- I do have a remedy - starting up off-line…
Then it takes 10 seconds.   Sync. slightly longer.
Together much longer.

Thanks again.

As a retired “gentleman of leisure” I obviously have too much free time. So I did one more test to try to speed up eM Client. As ticking and unticking items in the General tab of Settings did not always work out as one would expect, I tried the following weird combination:

Result: eM Client launches at system startup, all acounts and folders are beeing sychronized, emails that I send to one of the accounts from my smartphone appear in eM Client immediately, althoug I unticked all “synchronize boxes”. Maybe the sync settings are only relevant for POP3 accounts.
But, more importantly, these settings seem to lead to the fastest startup time yet. although I can’t tell for sure, since I don’t know at what position in the Windows startup queue eM Client is sitting. Anyway, it is finished before some of the other Win startup items are complete.