How to stop email going to junk

I have just installed eM Client and I’m really impressed with it except for this very serious problem. Mail being sent from my website’s web form keeps going to the Junk folder in eM Client. I have tried many things but nothing has fixed this problem. Things tried are:

  • clicking on the email and selecting “move to inbox and remove blacklisted email”  
  • clicking on the email and selecting “move to inbox and remove blacklisted domain”  
  • making sure the email address is removed from the Blacklist rule
  • setting up a Rule to move any mail from this email to the Inbox
    Any answers would be most appreciated, as I am about to uninstall eM Client. This problem is unique to eM Client as other email programs I am testing (Thunderbird, Mailspring) do not suffer from this problem of misdirecting mail to Junk.

Usually the messages are being moved to the Junk folder by your email server.

To check if this has mistakenly been made by a Rule you have created, go to Menu > Tools > Rules, and untick ALL Rules. See if the problem is still there. If it is, then it is most definitely your server that is responsible, and you will need to change the configuration using the web interface for that provider.

If the problem is no longer there after disabling all Rules, then you will need to go through each Rule you have created to make sure none of them are set to move messages to Junk. Best option is just to delete all Rules and start again.

One note is that Rules can never automatically move messages from Junk to Inbox, or from any other folder to Inbox, so you can just delete that Rule you created. This is because Rules only apply to new messages as they arrive in your Inbox. If the message is already in any other folder, the Rule will not apply. Creating such a Rule will have no affect unless run manually on a specific folder.

Thanks for your reply Gary, that’s very helpful!

Hi, This problem is occurring again and I at a lost at what is causing this. I am convinced that it has absolutely nothing to do this Rule because I have deleted all Rules. I have uninstalled / reinstalled eM Client and the problem persists.

Further suggestions on where else the problem could be will be appreciated. Thanks

Hi Gary, could please explain a little more on what I would need to do to resolve this. I’m having my website hosted by GoDaddy - should I contact them?

According to GoDaddy:

  1. Log in to Workspace Webmail.
  2. From the Settings menu, select Spam Settings .
  3. From the Spam filtering section, select Turn off filtering

This means that no action will be applied to suspected spam. It will be delivered to your Inbox.

Thanks Gary, That suggestion lead me to a solution. It was NOT as simple as what the GoDaddy said, as I had to log into Outlook Exchange and create a Safe contact. I had no (easy) way to find the Spam settings. Thanks again for help!