how to stop automatic rertrieval of emails?

I would like to stop the automatic retrieval of emails.  In other words, I would like to “pull” my emails when I want to receive them, rather than having them automatically “pushed” to me.

I have tried to find out where to set this, but I cannot see. 
Would you kindsly let me know how/where to do it from?

Thank you.

That under settings somewhere. Maybe try accounts if not general settings

Thank you, but I have tried both without success.

Are you using pop3 or imap. That’s needed for the expert who is next up

To be honest I don’t know.  When I check in the Account sections, both the IMAP and POP3 tabs are complete with values.

How can I tell, please?

Did you go to Tools | Settings and then look at the section labeled “synchronization”?  There are two check boxes the first labeled as “Synchronize items at startup” and “Synchronize every” with a box next to it to indicate number f minutes.  If you don’t want to receive email at startup uncheck that box and if you don’t want to receive email every whatever number of minutes are shown then uncheck that box.  If I’m correct the second should disable the automatic retrieval of email allowing you to retrieve when you please.  Hope that works for you.

Hi … thank you and that’s what I thought too, but disabling the 2nd option does not stop emails from automatically arriving.  (I  even tried to set the number of minutes to zero as an alternative, but emClient replaces it with a 1).

Then, I’m stumped.  That makes no sense, unchecking a box should say “I don’t want it enabled” meaning it should not automatically receive email.  I looked in other places but, that’s the only section that I could find that I would think should deal with receiving of email.  Sounds like that option doesn’t actually do anything.   Sorry.

Hi, if you’re using an IMAP account, this account keeps an automatic IDLE connection between your server and the client, this unfortunutely can not be disrupted using the options in eM client settings and the only option on how to disable the connection between the server would be switching the application to offline mode in File > Work Offline.

Hope this helps,

Thank you so much Paul … and everyone else who most kindly tried to help me.

Hope this was helpful in resolving the issue, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,


I was having the same problem and then I noticed that after you change anything in the settings, you have to restart the program for it to make that changes. It worked for me!