How to stop automatic email population

When I create a new email, as soon as I type the first few letters of the email address, a list pops up giving me a choice of all of the emails I have sent in the past beginning with those letters. Usually, that’s just what I want to happen, and it makes sending the emails faster by not having to look up someone’s email address.

However, what do I do when somebody changes their email and I want the old one to NOT come up when I start to type the email in the “TO” box? I just had an incident today where I had typed an email and the person’s old email came up, and I clicked it because I had forgotten that it had changed, so they never got my email. Is there a way to remove an email from the list that pops up when creating new emails?

The person who I was trying to email is not listed in my contacts, so I’m not sure where eM Client is pulling the email address from. That’s the area I need to get to for editing, I guess.

Go to MENU > SETTINGS > MAIL > COMPOSE > RECIPIENT HISTORY and remove the address you no longer wish to use.

It depends on where the suggestion comes from.

We use two sources; your Contacts and the Recipient History.

Those suggestions from the Recipient History will have an X to the right, and clicking on the X will remove it from the database. Or you can open the Recipient History in Menu > Settings > Mail > Compose > Recipients History, and delete them there as @sunriseal suggests.

If they come from your Contacts, you will need to edit the contacts and change it there.

Unfortunately, I just did as you suggest, and it did stop the old email from popping up, however, it also no longer will show me the older emails from this person when I do a search. Sometimes I have to go back to email from months or years ago, and if they were not deleted, they will come up in a search. Now it no longer brings up any of the old emails when I search. How do I fix this? I just messed up something I really needed by using this fix.

Having not experienced your results, I will let @Gary handle this.

I have deleted the recipient history and removed the contact with the old address from contacts. I also hit the x button when it showed up as a suggestion. However it continues to appear in the suggestions. Any place else I can look to remove it?