How to stop automatic email population

When I create a new email, as soon as I type the first few letters of the email address, a list pops up giving me a choice of all of the emails I have sent in the past beginning with those letters. Usually, that’s just what I want to happen, and it makes sending the emails faster by not having to look up someone’s email address.

However, what do I do when somebody changes their email and I want the old one to NOT come up when I start to type the email in the “TO” box? I just had an incident today where I had typed an email and the person’s old email came up, and I clicked it because I had forgotten that it had changed, so they never got my email. Is there a way to remove an email from the list that pops up when creating new emails?

The person who I was trying to email is not listed in my contacts, so I’m not sure where eM Client is pulling the email address from. That’s the area I need to get to for editing, I guess.

Go to MENU > SETTINGS > MAIL > COMPOSE > RECIPIENT HISTORY and remove the address you no longer wish to use.

It depends on where the suggestion comes from.

We use two sources; your Contacts and the Recipient History.

Those suggestions from the Recipient History will have an X to the right, and clicking on the X will remove it from the database. Or you can open the Recipient History in Menu > Settings > Mail > Compose > Recipients History, and delete them there as @sunriseal suggests.

If they come from your Contacts, you will need to edit the contacts and change it there.

Unfortunately, I just did as you suggest, and it did stop the old email from popping up, however, it also no longer will show me the older emails from this person when I do a search. Sometimes I have to go back to email from months or years ago, and if they were not deleted, they will come up in a search. Now it no longer brings up any of the old emails when I search. How do I fix this? I just messed up something I really needed by using this fix.

Having not experienced your results, I will let @Gary handle this.

I have deleted the recipient history and removed the contact with the old address from contacts. I also hit the x button when it showed up as a suggestion. However it continues to appear in the suggestions. Any place else I can look to remove it?

I have the same issue as G Tomas. I have cleared recipients history, yet when I type in addresses when composing a new email I still get old addresses coming up. If I click on the x on the right on one of those addresses they still come up.


I have the same issue as G Tomas. I have cleared recipients history, yet when I type in addresses when composing a new email I still get old addresses coming up.

Sounds like you need the latest update where you can now “disable sent message suggestions” appearing when you compose emails. Sent email addresses were included when you composed email in early 9.2 versions, which sounded like the problems you have been experiencing. This can now be disabled in the latest releases.

So download and install the latest release update V9.2.1577 for PC or Mac from the release history page.

Once installed and reopened, go to “Menu / Settings / Mail / Compose” and remove the check box marked - “Use all recipients from Sent folders for suggestion" as per screenshot below. Then Save and close settings. Lastly close and reopen eM Client and should then be fine.

Note - Backup eM Client via the “Menu / Backup” before installing the update. You can see when the backup is complete via “Menu / Show Operations” via the dropdown next to Refresh.