How to stop alerts from hidden calendars?

I have a son in college have his calendar shared.  I have his calendar marked as hidden so it shows up in the “More” area.  I only check it when I need to see his calendar so that I don’t call him during class.  I then uncheck it so I only see my calendar only.  The problem is that even when I have my son’s calendar not showing, marked hidden I still get alerts for all his calendar.  I don’t want any alerts for any calendar item that is not currently being viewed on the calendar pane.

This would be a show stopper for me as I can’t have all his calendar alerts popping up on my desktop.  I understand that if I have it displayed I’ll get them, but when I uncheck his calendar those calendar alerts should no longer happen.

Please advise how I can make this happen or if it is going to be in a near future upgrade.


Any idea on this?  This is very, very frustrating.  My son’s calendar is extremely full every day with items marked due and class schedules.  It’s driving my nuts that I get alerts on his calendar even though I have it marked hidden and have it unchecked so it is not showing his calendar.

In the few days I’ve been using EM I really like it.  But if this is simply how it works then I’m afraid I’ll have uninstall and either try a different client or go back to using gmail directly from browser.

Please EM, tell me how to fix this.

Hi Dale, sorry for my belated reply, you can choose if reminders will be shown for the calendar in the calendar properties, right click your son’s calendar and select “Properties”, in the Properties you should be able to uncheck reminders to not display reminders for this calendar.

Hope this helps,

Perfect!  I knew there would be a setting.  Just couldn’t find it.  Thank you.

Glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,