How to stop a large email from going hanging up in trash

I had a large email I was trying to send. It would not go so I deleted it. Now it will not go into trash. How can I kill the email?

what is the size of your email?

Humongous and I have no idea what the heck I was thinking when I tried to send it. I am running my laptop on an internal air card so it is not the fastest thing in the block. When I saw it was not going to go I deleted the email. Now emclient is trying to move it to Trash but it can’t do that either. What a dummy, huh?

if your attachment is really big, it can take a while to delete or move it. Please be patient and wait few minutes.

I did the same thing and have been waiting for months and it is still throwing an error message!

Could you please post the error message here? Thank you.

[IMAP] Unable to upload message “Message Subject” to folder “[Gmail]/Trash”.([ALERT] Message too large.…)

Go to Trash and delete the message permanently. It will help.

There are no messages in my Trash on Gmail or Emclient.

The message had a lot of pictures attached.

Did you delete it?

Yes. It was too large to go thru & I deleted it while emclient was trying to push it through gmail. It is not in the trash in either the emclient software or when I log on to my gmail account.

Try to find the message using Search function. If you will not find it, send me your IMAP logs. Thank you.

I am having the same problem!  Can’t find this oversize message anywhere (I did send it to trash when EM Client told me it was too big to send)…but the error messages keep coming! Too big to go to trash… ok, so where is it, and what should i DO? This error message has been coming non-stop for 2 months…   Pam K.

Hello Pamela, if you’re seeing that a message exceeds limit and can’t be moved to Trash, it should be most likely visible in the Trash folder, navigate to the folder and use Shift+Delete to remove the message without moving it to Trash, you can also perform a folder repair on the Trash folder in case the error is being thrown with the inability to upload to Trash.

To perform a folder repair, right click the Trash folder in the left pane and select Properties > Repair and click on the “Repair” button, this will force a folder re-sync removing the problematic message.


Hello Pamela, i have same problem, but i dont see more the email i send before and when i click to close the emclient say one message in the send folder waiting for sending and say you want to exit of program?? i ́d like to remove this error and when i click in the x to exit of emclient not have more this error, please what i can do?? 

i try to do all you say and i cant remove this error. I try too remove uninstall all emclient and reinstall and the problem persist so what i can do? I search in google and not see how i can do.

Hello Augusto,
check the Outbox folder and delete the message.
If there is no message, please copy the full error for me.