How to simulate clicking on the refresh button in Gmail?

I have a third party email server, that’s a kind of webmail that I cannot control. The main problem is that I receive many spam mails and they are not correctly filtered, they remain in the inbox, which is quite annoying.

I considered using eM Client to filter spam mails, but it cannot do it, it just use the filter of the server

I was looking for a solution and I found that some people uses Gmail to do that. Inside Gmail they go to “Settings > Accounts and Import > Check mail from other accounts”, and then the POP3 configuration of your original server can be used. The drawback of this system is that Gmail fetches emails with a low frequency, each hour. I can force this synchronization pressing the general “Refresh” button in Gmail. Filtering works okay like this, all of them goes to the spam folder in the Gmail account.


This is Okay if I just want to use Gmail. But I would like to use eM Client to fetch all the emails and work with it. If I configure the intermediary Gmail account where all the spam is correctly filtered in eM Client it fetches the emails that are already in Gmail, but I cannot force the “clicking” on the “Refresh” button, so the emails are not actually being fetched, I have to wait one hour, that’s when Gmail actually refresh and fetches all the emails form the original account.

Is there a way to force the real “Refresh” in Gmail?

I hope I explained myself well.