How to show the full message without an extra click (ellipsis)

I made some tweaks to my settings, but I don’t know what I did that now EM client shows an ellipsis (3 periods) instead of the forwarded email’s content. I have to click the ellipsis to expand it. It’s the same with message replies, the message that was replied to is now behind this ellipsis. It’s a pointless interface element for me, there is a ton of blank white space, I’m on a 32" 4k monitor. How do I get rid of that? Or is there at least a key command to expand the mail content? I’m on Windows, Thanks for your help.

This a part of the Conversation feature.

What it does is collapse any quoted text in a message.

You can disable conversations by selecting Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations.

Thanks! That was driving me crazy. I guess there will be no “conversations” for me.
For what its worth, here’s one busy, efficiency minded person’s feedback: That Ellipsis button is not helpful in any way. If you read and respond to hundred’s of emails a day, you have to scroll down to remind yourself of the context. That “feature” effectively just adds a ton of extra clicks to a persons workflow. When I am doing emails, my hand isn’t even on my mouse, I navigate with the keyboard for efficiency. I’m trying to imagine what useful purpose that ellipsis serves to anyone? who needs it, and for what?

Well that is the point. If you are using conversations then all the related messages from all your folders are there just by scrolling up, so you really don’t need to see the quoted message. That is why it is collapsed in conversations.

Ok. I suppose. but when you scroll up, you have to click to expand as well. Having a key command would be minimum requirement for me to use conversations. Perhaps I’m an outlier in that way.

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