How to show specific history Answer/question) on a given topic

I have searched for a solution to this but so far nothing.

I am finally moving on from WLM to something new and while I like eM Client so far, the one part that I am missing is the history of the back and forth on a given email. Let’s say, I am planning a trip to see somebody and we go back and forth about when we could set up that visit. This will be with several emails, back and forth, and I would like to see the entire thread of this email exchange.

With WLM, this “history” is part of that one particular email. Yes, it makes the email longer but if I want to see the “history” on this one item, it’s there. All I need to do is scroll down. I am sure this is probably available with your program, I just don’t know where and how to accomplish this.

Appreciate any help. Thanks.

eM Client has “Conversation” view where you can see a history back and forward between you and the sender. See eM Client suppport blog link below.

Conversations | eM Client

Note:- Also in the upcoming eM Client V9 there is also a “Thread view” as well.

Also, when using conversations, the quoted text in message is hidden behind three dots.

Either click on the dots to reveal the text, or disable conversations by selecting Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations.