How to Show Name Instead of Email Address In Chat

Where can I set it so Chat uses my name instead of my email address?

Hi, you have to click on Online > Change my profile… And there you can setup all the information for chat.

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Tried that, but it still shows my email address instead of my name.

Hi can you please make a screenshot of the issue?

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The first screenshot is from a chat from yesterday. Note that it shows my email address.
The second screenshot is my profile. My profile is correctly setup and has been correctly setup since day one with eM Client.

Hi again Daniel,
I’m forwarding this issue to the developers, I’ll keep you posted about any news to this.

Thank you for pointing this out to us,

I started testing eM Client this week. Same problem here. I can not update the profile.


I just tested the issue and the original email address is only visible to the message sender. The recipient sees the correct name which was set by the sender or how it was renamed.