How to show email addresses everywhere?

new to emClient here.

I’d like to show the email addresses of the senders on every email everywhere. But I can’t seem to be able to.

In theses places:

  • in the list
  • in the preview
  • in the full view window

none of this seems configurable. Please help me out if it is, just obscure/hidden.

Currently, if I send an email to someone and the from field is “google [email protected]” then it’ll show up as google.

Is anyone thinking something is wrong here? Or is it just me?

( I see you can mouse over the address in the preview, but that’s not the same. Why hide the most important bit of information at all? )

While we’re here, I’d like to see the “to” address as well; I use a lot of email addresses within a domain, I want to know where exactly they sent the mail to.

You can’t show the email address in the message list, but you can in the preview. The setting is in Menu > Settings > Mail > Read. Just tick the option to “Show email address in the email header”.

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Thanks mate.

I think I’ll keep looking, then, this isn’t my email client either.
Bummer. It had promise.


  • in the list
  • in the preview
  • in the full view window

What email program shows the senders email address in all those views ?

The Bat for one (still the most configurable email client), but you can configure Thunderbird & Outlook to show these as well.

However each has their own little problems, sadly. (just one example; in Outlook you can’t move the “flag” column from the back…you just can’t. It’s always the last column.)

Edit: now that I’ve looked at a few clients, I’m flabbergasted how non-configurable some are. It’s truly amazing that this basic feature - which is also a security feature; it’s the simplest way to identify scam/spam straight away - is just missing by default and not configurable.

My conclusion: people are clueless, if this goes as the norm for this many of them.