How to Show Detail on Add Contact from Header?


in any message read pane, if i right-click an email address in the header, i get “add to contacts”. 

used to be, whenever i added contacts i got the contact-detail screen, including phone, address, etc. 

now i don’t get the Detail screen anymore, just a simple textbox. 

how do i show the Detail screen on add from header?


Hi, I’m not completely sure I understand the issue, can you maybe make a screenshot of the issue?

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see pics

if you right-click the sender:

**you get a simple “add to folder” box:

but you USED TO get the contact detail. HOW TO GET THE CONTACT DETAIL ON ADD CONTACT?

Hi, unfortunately this is not possible straight away at the moment. But if you add the contact to a folder and hover on the contact in the mail again, you should see instead of add to contacts, option “details” then you can adjust the contact details.

I hope this helps at least a little,
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I appreciate that eM is seeking the perfect mix of easy and powerful. That’s great!

But, you create more work this way. The moment i add a new Contact is exactly the time i want to enter their details.

Ease-of-use does not mean dumbing-down. Hide the power, but make it easy to get. Like, in the “Add User” screen, you could hide the detail behind a link or button. Please don’t take away powerful features!

is it correct that you used to enter detail directly?

Is it on your roadmap to add it back? Soon?

Also, i don’t need to tell eM which folder. I always add people to the same folder. Please let me set and forget a default folder for new Contacts.


Hi, thank you for the suggestion, I’ll talk to the developers if there can be something done about this feature or you could start an idea topic with this suggestion and let other users to vote on the feature.
Default contacts folder is always with your default email account (usually the first one on the list, you can change a default account in Tools > Accounts).

I’m sorry this is an issue for you, I hope you can manage to use the current settings in the meantime.

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