How to setup aliases with custom smtp?

I have several email accounts and would like to combine them into my main email using alias’ - though I can’t seem to figure-out how to customize the smtp server information for said aliases, and where some ofd these call for individual smtp credentials.

That said, does anyone know how to accomplished this with emclient?

That is not the way aliases work in eM Client. It doesn’t use separate SMTP servers for each address, but rather uses the alias feature on the IMAP account.

You configure them in Menu > Accounts the clicking on the Aliases link next to your email address. As long as your server allows you to use aliases, you can send from those addresses rather than the main account address.

Just to be sure that I have properly explained what I’m hoping to accomplish, here are some screenshots demonstrating what I am trying to accomplish in emClient;

Though the client in these screen grabs is Thunderbird(or Betterbird as they now call it), I will use this to help convey my proposed objective;

In this first screen grab, the mail client has been setup with a primary or main account called; ‘TopMail Account’

Following this, this ‘TopMail Account’, is intended to receive several individual mail accounts, otherwise referred-to as mail identities in this particular case;

In continuing, these identities can then be individually configured, each with their respective smtp settings, as shown here;

Therefore and with that being said, this particular setup makes it possible to have one main top level account, while operating seamlessly between all respective mail accounts under the top level account - which sort-of seems like aliasing, though likely not based on what I have been reading, as would appear that aliases do not provide granular control over accounts?

Whatever the case, I would also add that I am not intent on using aliases in emclient, in as much as I would like to replicate the type of setup shown in these screenshots.

Thanks for your help with this

You can setup SMTP only accounts in eM Client.

First, you need to setup the account normally, then just untick the IMAP and any other options in the Services section of the account settings.

Just be aware that you won’t have a record of the sent messages in eM Client, as the Sent folder will not be visible (because that is part of the IMAP protocol).

Thanks for that info - I have finally managed to get what looks like a working catch all account, with individual alias’ and smtp accounts, as well as tags to help sort things out.

That said, the only thing left to solve, is the default sending address - in-that, I can’t seems to figure out how to assign an alias as default sending address, and where the default seems fixed on the catch-all account - for example;

If I select [+ New], the default mail for sending is the catchall acc - though I would like to assign one of my alias’ instead - any idea how I might achieve that?

PS, when messing with Thunderbird email, I looked as though I could assign any identity as default within the main account.

You can’t.

The default account needs to have both incoming and outgoing protocols, and an alias or SMTP only account doesn’t have them.

Yes, I came to see that as well - that’s too bad :frowning:
And It was all looking so very good with emclient

Granted, sending emails from a drop-down is not the end of the world, though I’ve gotten used used to the default alias sending option with Thunderbird that it almost feels like a detriment now

That said, do you know of any workarounds that might accomplish a similar result?