How to setup a CalDAV account to synchronize with Google Calendar?

How to setup a CalDAV account to synchronize with Google Calendar? Exact syntax?

The right URL format is [your Google Calendar ID] /events

How do I use the right URL format to setup all my calendars? Right now when I setup a new calendar there is not prompt for a URL. Everything linked right now is just my primary Google calendar from my Gmail IMAP account.

OK, I tried use the right URL format to setup a CalDAV google calendar, but it only displays the primary calendar and does not show the calendars. Am I missing something?

Be sure you are using http s. The format of the URL is[your Google Calendar ID]/events
where [your Google Calendar ID] is [long string of characters] You can find the calendar ID by logging into Google calendar, clicking settings under My Calendars or Other Calendars, and clicking the title/link of the Calendar you wish to sync. The calendar ID will appear in the Calendar Address section, to the right of the XML/ICAL/HTML buttons. For the username, use your full email address. For many Gmail users, this is simply

can you add multiple calendars to sync? I can select any one of my calendars, but not all of them. I have a personal one, work, wife, kids, and I need them all to sync with google & emClient. There must be a way to do this?!

please answer to this question!!? can i sync multiple calendars?

I’m afraid you will need to create new CalDAV account per each google calendar (except default - that is set up automatically with google account) using the URL described above. Then you will have sync with multiple calendars.

The default calendar is set up when you create your Google account within eM. Additional individual calendars can be set up like this:

Go to: Tools -> Accounts -> New Account -> Calendar -> CalDAV

Enter the following in the Account address line: [ calendar ID] (without the square brackets)

Add email and password and you’re good to go.

To find your calendar ID go to Google Calendar and click on the arrow right to your calendar name and choose Calendar settings. Next to the icons for XML, ICS and HTML you’ll find your calendar ID.

I wasn’t able to find this out myself, forum member TNCS put me on the right track. I would like to thank him again. I just thought I’d share this with others having the same problem. By the way, instructions are for eM version 3.5.

I finally have full use of eM Client and all my Google calendars thanks to this post. Thanks for explaining it so well.