How to set up Instant Messaging?

How to set up my Instant Messaging?

Setting up an IM Account

In order to use the eM Instant Messaging function, you need to setup a Jabber account or Gmail account on eM Client.

Tip: if you have a Gmail account then you do not need a Jabber account in order to use instant messaging, since Google talk is already build on top of Jabber protocol.

In the account creation window, select IM (Jabber) under Account type, click Next.

In the next window select Use existing Jabber account if you already have a Jabber account setup, in which case you will be asked to provide your account info in the next screen and your IM account creating will be completed.

If you do not have a Jabber account enter the name of this IM account you wish to appear in your IM window, and select Register new Jabber account and click Next.

Since the Jabber protocol is hosted by decentralized servers much like IRC, you will be asked to select a host server to connect to.

Tip: eM Client will suggest a list of free Jabber Hosts, you can type in any Jabber hosts you prefer. Note, different Jabber hosts offer different transports to different networks.

Once registration succeeded, you will be asked to provide a username (has to be unique) and password. Once the user name and password are accepted, click next to finish registration.

Once you have an IM account, click on the IM Online Status button on the lower right corner of eM Client to open the IM console.

Here in the IM console you can set your IM status

Your IM contacts will be shown in the Contacts panel on top of the Sidebar. You can choose to show online contacts only by clicking the Eye icon.


I can’t find the IM Online Status button. It is missing from my em Client 5.0.18661.0.

it is supposed to be in rightside bar when you click on “chat” button in bottom right.

if not then please post here screenshot of your rightside panel with “Chat” clicked on.

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