How to set up group emails

I am not good at this so I need some help please !
I am trying to set up a group for emails. It says go to tools and I will see a list
but there is no list to choose from.
Another place says go toFile and mouse over New. There is not a choice for New.
suggestions please…

Since you did not say I am assuming you are using v8.
Open eMC
Click on the down arrow (see screen shot) next to NEW and choose DISTRIBUTION LIST… name the list and start adding emails…


Can you help me again!
I am so clueless and need to be able to
get this acomplished !

You can use the F1 key if you get stuck with eM Client’s features. Most are described there in some details.

Like Distribution Lists

If that doesn’t help, and you need more, please ask a specific question.