How to set up Exchange 365 account that uses 2FA?

I am interested in using eM Client for both my work and personal emails. However, my work uses the Exchange 365 with a 2FA that launches in a browser window for the initial sign-in (which triggers a push approval to the Microsoft Authenticator app). Another complicating factor is that the email address is different than the account username that I use to log onto the Office 365 suite.

I’ve tried setting this account up in eM Client several ways (Automatic, Mail > Exchange), but I get the same error message each time: “The server was found but authentication failed. Check the email address and password.” I know I’m entering in the correct email address and password, so I assume the issue is the 2FA step. I never get prompted by the 2FA in eM client.

Any help here would be appreciated. I like the emClient interface, but I can’t commit to a license unless I know that it works with my work email. Interestingly enough, I tried contacting eM client support, but they can’t help me unless I purchase a license - a Catch 22!

FYI, I am using eM client version 8.2.1473 on Windows 10

Any help would be appreciated! I’d love to be a paying member, but can’t commit until I am sure that eM Client will work for me.

Bump. Any guidance or help is appreciated.


I am facing the same issue and have not been able to configure it. I actually even paid for the license and contact the support and ran a dead end there.

I’ve been browsing here and looking on various sites and trying to work with our security/system’s team at work to help configure but not able to get around.

I receive the error “The server was found, but authentication failed. Check the email address and password”.

I have tried the registry edit from a knowledge article and various other steps that support suggested but stalled with support when I received a certificate installation pop up from the emclient, in which I was referred to systems team to install it.

It’s installed, but I am still not able to authenticate through MFA to get the account setup in emclient.

I hope this gets resolved. I tried mailbird and a few other clients and preferred emclient, but it does not function right now and I could not recommend it based on this.

Is your computer part of a domain?

If so, can you remove the computer from the domain and try again?

Hi Gary,

Thank you, you were providing support on my ticket and have been helpful.

Negative, this computer is not domain-joined.

As mentioned, this seems to be directly related to MFA and the ability not to authenticate initially when setting up the account.

With other clients (such as Mailbird and Thunderbird), during the setup, it would lead me to the MFA splash page. With emclient, all I get is the message, “The server was found, but authentication failed. Check the email address and password”.