How to set up email folders on a new surface pro

My old computer and IPhone seem to sync the same emails and folders.
The new Surface Pro has all the emails in the inbox only , 16000 of them.

What mail box server do you use ? eg: iCloud, Gmail, Hotmail, Exchange, or IMAP etc

It is a Imap system,provided by my internet provider here in New Zealand.

Ok. What are your current IMAP Mail server settings and Protocols etc. Hide your acct name and pass.

I have just noted that new Laptop has POP3 as server Host
Port 995

Old Laptop has IMap
Host Port 993
Host for send…

EM client has automatically set these on the 2 different computers
Do i need to change one of them to get the emails to sync and local folders to appear

I have just noted that new Laptop has POP3 as server Host
Port 995

Ok if you normally use IMAP server settings, you should be setting eM Client the same as per below example which most peeps use on IMAP.

However as you had POP setup on your new laptop, that would now normally mean it will clear the mail from the server after downloading unless you set “Leave copy of messages on server” after x days in the pop mail acct settings.

So if it hasn’t downloaded all your mail and still is on the server, quickly change it back to IMAP. Go to “Mail / Accounts” and change your acct.

However if “you cannot simply change it to IMAP” above the acct, (as I haven’t done that for many years in eM Client), I would then recommend you to just “Disable the POP account synchronization” via your POP mail account setting “underneath in the checkbox”, so it “doesn’t check” that account anymore, and then “just add” another IMAP account via the "manual “Add Mail / Other” option.

That way you do not risk loosing any POP mail when you remove your POP account later once all is showing ok in your IMAP account. Hope that makes sense.

(To setup and IMAP account)

In “Menu / Accounts” click “Add Account”, but instead of automatic set up choose “Mail / Other”

(Recommended IMAP settings for eM Client)

IMAP Settings
Port 993 = Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

Or Alt below not recommended for most servers.

Port 143 = Use SSL/TLS if available

Note: Backup eM Client first “before you do anything” in accounts via “Menu / Backup” just incase of any issues changing the account to IMAP.

Once the backup has finished check in your C: User profile “Documents / eM Client folder” that the file dates today is there. You can see it backing up via “Menu / Operations” drop-down at the top left in the “First Tab” out of “Three Tabs”. You can also setup automatic periodic backups via “Menu / Settings / General / Backup”.