How to set up a Group for emails

I want to create a mail group. I know that you go into Menu - Tools - Contacts but after that, I can only set up individual email addresses. I want to add a new group and then add names and addresses to it.
Can you help?

You did not mention your version, I use v8…

eMC opening screen
Click NEW (dropdown)


I’m sorry but I don’t know what version it is.

When I open it, my emails come up automatically.

So I go to Menu, Tools and then Contacts. ‘New’ does not come up as an option there.

If I simply choose Menu, there is no New choice there, either.

viernes 18 septiembre 2020 :: 0810hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi Hilary…

It doesn’t matter that you are set up for mail to appear as soon as you open EMC
Do you mean Distribution List?
If so…
With EMC in view
The NEW button is immediately below MENU - click the dropdown arrow ‘v’
In the dropdown select -> Distribution List -> a new window will appear

That’s it.!

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


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