How to set email address when reply or forward emails

I have 2 accounts and I will like to set a default email address when replying or forwarding emails. How do I go about it?

Click “Menu / Accounts” or “Menu / Tools / Accounts” and highlight your account you want as default and then click the “Star icon” at the Top or Bottom of accounts depending on your version.

Example (Set as default) eM Client V8.x Accounts

Example (Set as default) eM Client V7.x Accounts


Once you have set the default, you should also see a “Small Star” next to the account on the left as in this eM Client V8.2x accounts example. Make sure you “Save” before exiting accounts.

Thanks. I have already done so but whenever I send emails, I still got to choose which email account to send the email out.

Can you then screen shot in this thread what you are selecting and blackout anything personal.

Is it between an alias and the main email address or 2 different account?
Also eM Client send an email from the inbox you are reading from unless it’s unified then it will use the default account set with the address in the “Email:” field of the account setting.