How to separate emails with same "Subject" name.

I have multiple customer Emails with same “Subject” name, for example “123 Main
Street” to identify rental property.  It’s a new email & new conversation with same “Subject” name.

All emails with same subject name are grouped together as one email. I would like to “un-group” these, ideally to be individual emails, as they actually are separate/individual emails.

I see rules to have incoming emails go to specific folders. But, with multiple emails with same name, it doesn’t seem like this will resolve the grouping of same subject name emails.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions or help.

This feature is called a conversation. To disable it go to Menu > View > Conversations.

The Rule will still move the messages to the individual folders, but a conversation will always be displayed as a group no matter what folders the individual messages are in. For example, the most basic is a sent message and a reply. The sent messages is in Sent, and the reply is in Inbox, but they will be displayed as a group.

Thank you for your response.  

So, the feature that groups the same subject name emails is called a conversation.  And, if I disable conversations these same name emails won’t be grouped.  Is that correct?

I have several emails with subject “123 Main Street” to put into a folder named “2019”.  If I disable conversations, will it ungroup these emails so I can move them?

Many thanks.  

Yes, this feature is called a conversation. What that means is that the original message and all replies and forwards related to that specific message will be grouped into a conversation.

If you disable conversations, you will see each individual message in the message list so that might be easier for you to manage.

I may be confusing things.

It looks to me like emails are being grouped because it has the same subject name.

So, it’s not that I have an original message with a bunch of replies and forwards.  I have someone emailing me with the same subject name “123 Main Street” every month.

Since it’s not a reply or forward, rather a new email, do you think disabling conversations will accomplish un-grouping these? IF so, yest it will be easier to manage.

Many thanks for your continued help.

Sometimes messages with the same subject, but not actually part of the same conversation, will be grouped together. That is unusual because the conversation mode looks for other header information besides the subject. The message header specifies which original message the reply belongs to, so it is easy to group them even if you change the subject on one of your replies. In theory that means you could have messages with different subjects in a conversation if you clicked reply and then changed the subject before you clicked send. Slightly off track . . . 

Disabling conversations will ungroup everything. Just give it a try and see the result. It does not alter the messages or their locations, it is just a way of displaying them.

Thank you.  Yes, I was surprised emails months apart with same subject became grouped in one long string.    

I did just disable conversations.  It does look like it will be easier to manage.  Now, back to organizing emails.  Thanks, again.