How to send mails from different accounts?


It doesn’t work to send from different e-mail accounts. I have installed two different mailboxes, but can only send from one of them. Help anyone?

Can you please be more specific? Are you getting any error messages?

I was looking for the same issue. But this looks like a dead link. I hope I can reactivate it.

I want to quit the Outlook clients and use eM Client instead. And I want to use it with my Echange server.

I have several accounts. The POP3 works fine. I get all emails.

But if I try to send mails it only works with the first email account. For all others I get an error message, telling that the account I’m using is not allowed to send an email. I’m used to define some setup parameters using other mail clients. But it look like eM Client can only work with one. If so I have to find another client but I hove there is a way to handle several accounts with different SMTP parameters. Before I switched to eM Client it worked fine with Outlook.

eM Client should be able to let you choose which email address you send your mail from. Can you please screenshot the error for me? And if it pops up in the Operations window, please copy the contents of the Log tab for me here.

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