How to select muliple messages to move, delete, etc.?

I use gmail and yahoo mail, which have a small selection box at the left of each message. A user may check the box of one or more messages and implement an action for all the messages that were checked/selected. For example, move all the selected messages to a particular folder, delete them, etc.

In eM Client, I cannot find this check box/selection feature. Rather, I have to hold the control button while clicking on each message in which I’d like to implement an action.

Is there a way to use a check/select box in eM client?

There is no checkbox (like in all other similar clients like Thunderbird or Outlook). You can use Shift+ mouse click to select a range of items or Ctrl+click to select a particular item as you described

Or Google or Yahoo.

You don’t need a check box. Simply click on a message to highlight it. Hold down the “Shift” key and select the rest of messages (group of messages) you wish to move/delete. Simply drag them into your folder or hit the delete key to throw them into your trash can. Hope this helps.

BTW - If you hold down the “Ctrl” key instead, you can select individual messages.

The SHIFT will group a bunch at a time.