how to see calendar entries on home screen

I imported my calendar from Outlook, and all looks good, but . .
Are my calendar entries considered as “tasks” and should they be shown top-right of the screen?
If not, can I turn them into tasks?
Or can I display my (diminished) calendar in that place on the screen?
In Outlook I was able to see upcoming “happenings” in that location.
Appreciate any words of wisdom.

In the right side-bar, enable Agenda. That will display upcoming events and tasks.

Please see the Help File (F1) if you have trouble doing that, or have difficulty selecting which calendars and time frame are displayed.

eM Client does not have a function to convert events to tasks.

Many thanks.
I have, however tried all that.
Agenda is there
search shows everything selected
select folders shows “calendar” selected (coloured blue)

Could there have been a problem with the migration of the calendar from Outlook?

Well, if you imported the MS Outlook data, the calendar items will be in Local Folders. By clicking on the settings cog next to the word Agenda, you can select which items are displayed. Make sure you have selected the correct folders.

Please see above reply.
Settings cog shows all selected
In “select folders” I have selected “calendar” which is shown blue(?)
(It and trash are the only folders shown coloured.)
If I select “local folders” all folders are selected, and I get ONE email showing in Agenda.

You should not get any emails showing in the Agenda. It is for events and tasks.

Maybe we are talking about different things here.

In the Agenda settings cog, you can select “flagged emails” which would then show up.  If you select “local folders” when selecting folders, ALL folders are selected by eM client, thus you would see lots of things.
I have only selected “birthday” “events” and “tasks” in the settings cog.
In “choose folders”, I have selected “calendar” and “tasks”.
Still nothing shows in Agenda.
Why, in “choose folders” is “calendar” in blue?  All other folders are white, except for “trash”.

Yeah, you’re right - flagged messages can be displayed.

The folders should be the same color you have assigned to them in your Calendar section.

I did not assign a colour, they “arrived” like that from Outlook.
Perhaps I can change the colour to change thier “classification”.
Any further thoughts on why nothing is showing in Agenda?

Yes, you can change the color. 

If the calendar has events in it, and the calendar is in the list of calendars in the Agenda settings, and you have ticked it in that list, then those events should display in the Agenda.

In the Agenda options, also make sure you have selected a reasonable period in show upcoming events. If you have it set to Week, and there are no events for the current week, there will be nothing to display.

You did not say which version of eM Client you are using.

You have hit the nail on the head !!
I had set the “period” to one week, but on checking nothing was happening before 8 days.
I have changed it to 2 weeks and all looks good.
Much appreciate your hanging in there to finally solve the problem.

P.S.  I did change the colour of “calendar” - will have to study to see where it has an impact, other than visual display.

It’s the little things Roman. :wink:

Yes, the calendar color will affect how those events are displayed in the Agenda and in any of the calendar views, so it is just visual.

My fault.  I feel stupid.
Just had a complete computer crash, had to re-install Win10, and many programs.
Panicking a bit and not slowing down to think!
Many thanks again.