How to save a message as a draft? (This should be simple)

I am having problems saving a message as a draft. When I go to File > Save As, it saves it as an EML file. But when I load the EML, it doesn’t load it as a new (editable) message, but instead loads it as an uneditable message. So that is useless.

I realize emClient automatically creates a draft in the draft folder, but it doesn’t update changes I make when I check. It it very inconsistent in saving my changes. I could change the entire message, then see a spinning wheel saying “saving draft”, close it, then open it in my drafts folder and none of the changes were saved! lol. Useless.

I was wondering if there is a way I can FORCE a save of a draft somehow? This seems to be the only way to insure my updated message is actually saved.

Thank you,


Simple Save button

Thanks but there is no save button in my bar. I am using version 7.


And this is from v8.

A thought… if you right-click an empty are of the tool bar, is there a “customize” choice? If so, click and see if there is a “SAVE” choice you can add to the toolbar.

Ah that did it! I had to right-click to add the “SAVE” button to the bar.

Sounds like it is there by default in version 8.

Thank you!

Great… glad it worked out.

Not sure whether it is there by default or I added it at some point :innocent: