How to revert to version 6 from version 7

I installed version 7 and hate it.   I want to revert back to version 6 but when I remove version 7 and try to install version 6 it reports that the database is newer than supported by version 6.  How do I revert the database to something that version 6 can accept?

It depends what you have in your database. If all your mails, contacts and calender events and tasks are stored with your service provider, you don’t really need your database. Let version 6 build a new one. If your mail, etc. are stored inside emClient you have to save them in a format that can then be imported into version 6.

I allways leave everything on the server and save really important mails as individual .eml files on my harddrive. Spo I have no problems switching clients. At the moment I am back to Thunderbird.

It doesn’t allow me an option to rebuild the database.  Do I have to manually delete it?  If so, where is it located?  Why didn’t the uninstall process delete the database?

The usual uninstall process leaves everything inside the C:\user\app data folders intact. That is where the preferences and database are stored.
Be very certain that you have all important information from V7 (accounts, rules, mail, contacts, appointments, etc.) in a safe place.
Then go to C:\users_your name_\app data\local and delete the folder emClient. Then do the same with the emClient folder on C:\users_your name_\app data\roaming.
That forces V6 to a full install and to create those folders again.

Usually V7 keeps the V6 database for a certain time, when it asks you if you still want it since it takes up space on your hard drive. The default checkbox is to delete the old database. You must have done that.