how to retrieve archived mail back to the inbox

Yesterday I was catching up on older emails and the next thing I know most of them disappeared. I don’t know how to get them back. Is there anyway to retrieve archived mail?  I’m assuming that’s where they went. Thanks for you time!

If they were archived, they no doubt went to the local folders.  Make sure local folders are visible by going to menu/tools/settings/general/general and check “Show local folders”.  If this is a gmail account, check in the “All mail” folder.

Thanks for your response Jay. I have the “show local folders” checked. I still don’t see them.  I can find an email that I remembered was there to begin with when I search for it, but is there a way to find out which folder it’s actually in? I did find my eM Client archive folder on my computer but don’t know how to import them.

Right-click on a message and select “Properties”.  It will display the folder.  If this is a Gmail account it will say “All Mail”, but the category color (e.g., grey for inbox) will tell you what folder it is in.

Perfect! Thanks so much!!