How to restore eM Client backups

I had to reinstall eM Client on my computer. I had backed up my emails. How do I restore the backuped emails.

Please see: How to restore a backup.

Welcome to the community.
If you have made a backup copy of your emails and for example saved them on the desktop, they must be saved in .xml format.
Open eM Client, click Menu, “Settings”. At the top, click “Import.” A window will open that indicates “Import XML configuration”, select where you have saved the emails, once selected (one by one) click on “Finish” to add the email.
I’m not an eM Client expert so I’m not sure it will work.

The best option to save all your emails, settings, etc. is to go to Menu, Settings, Backups.
There I indicated the path where you want the backup copies to be saved, check the “Enable periodic backups” box. In “Frequency” you choose how often you want it to be done. And in “Keep last” you choose how many copies you want to keep.
I hope it helps you.