How to resotre or open mail_data-bak file after program crash

I ran out of storage on my harddisk and em client crashed, it auto restored but all data (text ) in the emails is gone. I found a file called mail_data.dat-bak in the em client program that the program created before the crash. Hopefully all the lost data is stored in this file. I however can’t restore or open that file.

try moving out the original mail_data.dat and try renaming that BAK file to the same name so it’s used as the main database. eM Client could load the data from it, if it’s not corrupted.
If you have made any actual backups yourself, try restoring from those through File > Restore.
If the first option doesn’t work and you have not made backups yourself, I’m afraid you’ll need to start with a clean database.

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Dear Olivia,

Thank you very much for your help. I did need to also rename all the other files that had the .dat-bak extension as just the one wasn’t enough.

You made my day.

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