How to resolve an eternal loop of having paid for an update and being sent back to payment page?

After having ued a paid version 6 for several years, I thought it was necessary to upgrade to version 7 because gmail emails wouldn’t come in. 
So, I searched and found an old email from eMclient, went to their site and PAID for an upgrade to version 7.
Got an email with the activation key
Then d/l version 7, had it installed…

Next step was not so easy, I thought to activate it, but it sends me to an eternal loop, saying I have only a license for version 6 and MUST buy the new version, which I just bought.

It is suggested to ask for a lost key… then get an email (which I need to retrieve online because eMclient is no longer working) sending me the OLD activation keys.

Still nothing.

How do I proceed now with version 7 being installed? 
I tried d/l version 6 again but it won’t install as version 7 is present.

HOW CAN I SOLVE THIS? It is Saturday so I think my ticket won’t be answerd until Monday and I want the eMclient to function ASAP! 

Yeah, I don’t think they work on the weekends.

The activation key will be the same, it will just be enabled for version 7. Maybe they have not done that yet depending on when and what time you upgraded the license. You can send an email to and they will be able to sort it out for you on Monday.

To use eM Client version 7 in the mean-time, and assuming you have no more than two email accounts configured, register a Free License and activate that. Once the Pro License issue is resolved, deactivate the Free one and activate the Pro one.

If you want to go back to version 6, you need to first uninstall eM Client, then install the downloaded version 6.

To be clear, I *did* get an email with the NEW activation key for version 7 after the purchase of the upgrade. But after d/l version 7 , it keeps saying I only have a right to use version 6 and sends me back to the payment page… 
I’m thinking the only solution here seems to be to cancel my payment , ask the money back and then pay again??  Or is there another way to do it? 

I have about 10 email accounts in use, it’s a bit complcated to get rid of them (because of signatures etcetera ) so I’d rather not delete the accounts. 

Send me an email at my email address…

you got mail 

Won’t I lose the data that were first in version 6 , now in 7 upon uninstallment… (sorry my IT knowledge has dwindled a lot over time) 

BTW, I tried something when eMclient 7 was still on and it wouldn’t install saying I had a version 7 already and couldn’t downgrade.

When upgrading from version 6 to 7 the database is converted, and you will be offered the option to delete the old version 6 data. It’s been a long long time that I don’t really remember when it offers that option. But if you did not delete the data, then the version 6 database will still be there with all your data.

When you uninstall version 7, you are asked if you want to delete the database directory. Now I am not sure if this will also delete the old version 6 data if it was not previously deleted. Best to choose not to delete anything at this time.

Once version 7 is up and running with your new activation key, make a backup then close eM Client and delete your C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ folder. You may need to enable hidden items in Windows Explorer to get there. When you restart eM Client, you will have an empty database, so go to Menu > File > Restore and restore from the backup you just made. That way you will be left with a single clean database directory containing only the version 7 data.

Makes sense?

You are very right, it DID offer me to option to keep or delete the version 6 , but I thought it was safer to still keep it. 

Yes, it makes sense, though I need to chew on it for a bit and carefully follow your instructions. Having a partner who does everything IT-related, makes you dumber… he however had given up on eMclient already and decided to go with Mailbird instead, which I find very awkward to use in comparison with eMclient.  So essentially he wants me to solve it for myself. 

To make sure I understand it, I’m still feeling lost

Step 1 go to windows and uninstall emclient 7
step 2A set up eMclient 7 again and try to use the activation key that I received from them  OR

  • problem here is that I downloaded the FREE version , this is what got me in the loop
    step 2B set up eMclient 6 again , using the old activation key? 

OK, yes the 7 isn’t working yet , and the 6 was, so I need to re-install version 6.
That’s step 2B. And then I will wait for them to resolve the ticket… 

OR try to get version 7 working again with the key that was sent to me.

Yes. Your steps are OK.

There is no difference in the application install file. There is just one for version 7, but depending on which license you activate, some features are enabled/disabled.

With much trepidation, I 
1 de-installed version 7 completely
2 installed version 6 which worked flawlessly except for that darned gmail account (that made me pay for an upgrade)

3 went to license, deactivated it for version 6…
4 entered the OLD code! and now it says I’m licensed for version 7!

So … it seems I can now, install version 7? Do I de-install version 6 for this or keep it running so version 7 overwrites it… or what… 

Yes, just install version 7. It will replace version 6.

Thanks a million, it works!  You made my day. <3 

Now it works, the issue with a gmail account seems to have been solved, too. 
In version 6 it kept asking for my password since a bit over 3-4 days (October 1?) and then said the authentication process wasn’t followed correctly or something like that… I’ve not had this error message… yet, (knocking on wood)