How to remove REPLY TO from emails I send and only show FROM and TO?

eM Client shows Reply To in emails sent. How do I remove this? It should only show From and To. I understand that in Gmail you can specify a Reply To setting, but in the eM Client, you can’t edit the Reply To setting and in my case, completely remove it. Any ideas on how to remove it? I understand how to edit it (User Information > Email), but I want to remove it completely so it doesn’t show up in the emails other people receive.

Sorry, it is not possible. Why would you remove it? If you do not use different reply-to address it is simply the same address you used for sending a message out.

I want to remove it because it shows up in emails I send to others and it appears to be repetitve. For example, a standard received email will always show From, To, Subject, Message. However, a standard email from the EM Client will always show From, To, Reply To, Subject, Message. The Reply To should only show up if I decide to use a different address. For example, if I send an email from my Gmail account, but I want the people who receive my email to reply to my Hotmail account, I would add that as my reply to email address. But if not, then it should only show the From my Gmail.


I am sorry but we really do not plan to implement this function as we find it senseless and also we do not want eM Client to become another option filled NASA space shuttle with tons of features but hard to use.


Alright let me rephrase the problem because I originally opened this as a bug and it seems you guys don’t understand and think I’m asking for new functionality or an option.

NO email application or web client on the planet with the exception of yours adds the “reply to” email in the mail header. Re-read that a few times and make sure you understand before you proceed. Not looking a for a NASA space shuttle filled with options. Just trying to point out something wrong with your imitation NASA space shuttle.

EM Client Mail Header::
from: Nathanael Co
reply-to: Nathanael Co
to: “
date: Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 8:35 AM
subject: test email

GMAIL/OUTLOOK/Opera Email Client::
from: Nathanael Co
date: Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 6:24 PM
subject: test email 5

So the EM client is adding extra information to the mail header that shouldn’t be there unless the person specifically wants to set a different reply-to email address.

Now, how does this affect people? Depending on the email client you use, you now get this ugly message “Email is from, please reply to”.

Now what I’m suggesting is you fix the program by removing that extra line header that the EM Client is adding. If someone in the future wants to have the reply to option that points to a different email, fine… let them request a new feature option. I don’t care. I just want the mail header cleaned up so it looks correct when other people get my emails.

I hope this makes more sense.

is it so big problem? Let it on user opinion…

Simply add option “Reply to address” to settings.

  • if filled, EM will fill it to header
  • if empty, EM will NOT add any Reply to line to header

It is 5 minutes work for programmer.
Everybody wil be lucky.

There is one another e-mail client, which incorrectly adds Reply-To field to mail header. It is Samsung’s e-mail client in mostly all Android smartphones with system 4.x.x
Everybody can see it, when replies to e-mail sended from Samsung smartphone. There is incorrect “To” field in sent e-mail.

Header example from Galaxy S3 mini:

From: =?utf-8?Q?Martin_Losinsk=C3=BD?=
Subject: Re: Heslo hotove ukoly
To: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Vladim=EDr_Losinsk=FD_-_Albion_computers_s=2Er=2Eo=2E?=

Reply-To: martin

Name “martin” is incorrect. Not set in e-mail client on S3 mini, not possible to change. There should be “Martin Losinský”, as in From field (there is UTF-8…)

So EM is not only the ONE!!!

completely agree! this should not be an option, simply don’t include ‘reply-to’ when it’s same as ‘from’. It’s redundant and unnecessary.


thank you for your clarification :slight_smile:


Hello John,

Do you think this is an issue that will be resolved any time soon. Maybe in version 6 of the EM Client? Is this still being considered as something that needs to be fixed?



this is not planned we send email header by RFC standards and we will not change it, other email clients has some workarounds but they are by no chance standards and can and do cause a lot of problems.

with regards

This reply is really shocking.
Internal supervision should eliminate such answer, beacause it is simply stupid.
No comment…

I don’t understand you, this reply was suggest by one of senior developers of eM Client.

It will not be changed nor eliminated.