How to remove old expired email addresses

I am using version 9.2.1222 (ca10485) of eM Client on Windows 10.

I have changed the email address of one of my contacts. In the “To” drop down, both the old and the new email addresses still appear. I’d like to remove the old address - how do I do that?

I have cleared Recipient History from within Settings but that does not clear these old email addresses.

Where are these old email addresses hiding? I have noticed that this issue of old email addresses affects many of my contacts.

In 9.2 contacts are also suggested from your sent messages.

In a future release we will provide an option to disable that suggestion.

That’s strange, as I haven’t “sent” a message to some of these old email addresses for several years … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The only contacts that I am interested in are the ones from Google Contacts. Is there no way that I can delete all the other “suggested” contacts?

Could I, for example, disconnect from Google contacts, delete the contact_data.dat file and then reconnect to Google contacts?