How to remove many identical duplicate nested IMAP folder structs

I’m using eMC v6.xxxx, the most recent v6.

I have inadvertently created 3-4  identical nested IMAP folder structures, each with the same 40-50 folders, under my main (top level) IMAP folder. (i.e., I think this happened when I created a 2nd and 3rd account with the same name in the course of trying to debug some eMC problems.

Aside from wasting server space, this appears to create a huge delay in loading new email as all these folders are resynced over and over even though INBOX is the only folder with new data. There remains only one INBOX, in spite of the redundant folders structs. When it’s syncing and I look at “Operations”  I see folders syncing that are nested way deep but have no changed data; that is, not only the INBOX, the only folder with new data.

How do I delete these redundant folders without losing the identically named folders in my primary top level structure? Further, it appears I have to delete them one at a time (no batch delete available) and when I do try to delete one I get the message “this operation may take a while” and it does, like many hours till I give up and kill the process.

All suggestions welcomed, thanks.