How to remove gradient effect on calendar events

I have recently upgraded to version 7 and my calendar now has a gradient effect applied to every event. I display events from a number of calendars and the gradient effect on multi-day events makes them hard to see across the month view.  How can I make them into a solid color?

You can change the calendar color by right-click on the calendar, or you can change the preference for calendar or category color in Menu > Tools > Settings > Calendar > Source of event’s color …

I am not sure about gradients, as I have never seen that. Can you maybe give a screenshot?

I have tried those settings and there is no setting for gradient.  It is driving me mad.  It is not controlled from the Google side, either, as no gradient is display on my Google web calendar. Here is a screenshot.

AFAIK the only UI styles that have gradients are Standard and System. All other styles don’t have them. Just switch to Modern, Dark, …

Thanks! Sorted. It didn’t occur to me that this effect was linked to the theme. 

Thanks Pefunk. Themes it is. :wink: