How to remove filed mail from InBox

Old mail in my InBox are mostly already filed in other folders.
The following image is from my InBox.
Notice how they all have multiple categories (This may be another issue)

I only want to have unfiled email in my InBox.

Is there a simple way to remove all filed mail from my InBox.
I am very worried about deleting things.

Thanks for any help,

Hello Phil,

Use the search feature and type in: category:“Filed”. This should filter all emails with the requested category so you can simply delete them. 


Thanks for the reply.
I am very new to EmClient.

If I do what you suggest, will it leave them in the various folders in which they have been filed?
I want them to be OUT of the InBox, but to STAY where I have filed them.


Hi Phil,

Yes. If you copied the emails to other folders, this search order will look up only emails in certain folder - Inbox. If the copies are stored in different folder, the will remain intact after you delete the originals.


Category:“Filed” returns no emails at all!!

Because there is no category “Filed”, right? The Categories are something like “Filed/Dhi…”

You could do each one individually, or you could create a search folder and select all the categories in the drop-down. Then delete the emails in the search folder, and then delete the search folder.

I would suggest, going forward, that you don’t copy emails to the filed folders, but instead move them. Then there will only be one copy of each email.

Yes it seems that the categories are as you suggest, a concatenation of the names of the ascendant containing folders.

Do you know what the relationship between a folder and a category is?

Thanks to everyone for their help.
The solution that I used in the end was “Categorize…” from the right click menu.

  1. Select the InBox
  2. Sort by Category
  3. Select all the mail that is in a particular set of categories
  4. Right Click on this selection
  5. “Categorize…” > then un-tick “InBox”
  6. Repeat for each set of categories

See the image below:

Thanks again,
Hope this might help someone out there.