How to recover lost calendar entries on em client when attempting to sync with icloud

I’m in a total panic.  I’ve been using eM Client for several years as my main calendar and contact database for my business.  I was attempting to sync eMC with my iCloud account so that my events from eMC would be available on my iPhone.  Once I had the iCloud account set up on eMC, my old eMC Calendar, with years worth of events–past, present, and future–was apparently replaced with the iCloud calendar, which I’d never used before.

My old calendar folder isn’t showing up at all and my calendar seems to be completely wiped out.  I tried deleting the iCloud account on eMC, but the old calendar is still not showing up and seems to be completely gone.

Can I somehow recover my old calendar on eMC?

I also checked to see about backups:  unfortunately for some reason I didn’t have backups turned on…  My last backup was from about 5 months ago.

Before you synced eM Client to your iCloud, did you delete an existing account in eM Client?

No, I didn’t.  The new iCloud account seems to have replaced my existing calendar folder.

So you still have 2 accounts setup?

No, I still have my main email account set up, but I deleted the iCloud account.  When I go to the calendar page (and check any of the calendars under “Local Folders”) it just gives me a blank page which says “This folder contains no items and no operation can be performed”

The iCloud account (before I deleted it) showed a calendar, but with no entries.

It is unlikely that setting up your iCloud account deleted your local folders. But if your events were stored in local folders, and they are no longer there, they are lost unless you moved them elsewhere.
Which email provider do you use for you main email account? Is it possible that you were syncing with an online calendar?

Is it possible that the events are still in local folders but the calendar is no longer directing to them?  If so, how do I track them down and get them linked to the calendar again?  All I know is that they’re not showing up on the calendar page.

I do have a backup from a few months back.  Can I restore from that backup without losing other information (contacts, tasks, etc.) that have been entered since then?  If so, I can probably figure out the rest that’s missing and re-enter it manually.

My email is on my own domain, ( hosted through  It has no online calendar.

With using local folders it is important to have regular backups. Always!

If the database is somehow corrupt, and that is causing this you could try and manually run the database repair. Close eM Client and go to C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client and run the DbRepair.exe file. See if that fixes anything.

You can’t restore a previous backup without losing your current data. Not directly. You could install eM Client on another computer, and then export your calendar there, and finally import it on your current computer.

If you don’t have access to another computer, here is how you can do it using only one:

  1. Make a backup.
  2. Close eM Client and rename the C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client folder to something else.
  3. Disconnect from the Internet.
  4. Open eM Client. If you are prompted to setup a theme and mail account, just cancel those steps.
  5. Restore from your 5 month old backup.
  6. Export your calendar.
  7. Restore the backup you made in step 1.
  8. Reconnect to the Internet
  9. Import your calendar you exported in step 6.
  10. Go to Settings and set a regular backup.
  11. When all is done, delete the folder you renamed in step 2.
    Let me know if you have any further questions.

Mitch, is it possible the calendar is there but it is just not ticked?

No, I tried checking and unchecking all the Calendar options that were showing up.  I still got the blank page with the “folder contains no items…” message.

Anyway, thank you, because I tried running the DbRepair file and then restarted eM Client, and my calendar is back!  Yay!  (I’m not sure whether it was the repair that fixed the database, or just restarting eMC that reset the calendar.)

But I’m back up and running, and have now setup automatic backups.  Thank you!!!

Now, is there a way to have my eMC events synced to my iCloud calendar?  Syncing by setting up the iCloud account on eMC seems to load the iCloud calendar into eMC, but not the reverse.  Is there a way to make the iCloud calendar a slave to my eMC calendar?

I am glad that you have everything back. :slight_smile:

When you have setup your iCloud account, you can move the events from your local calendar to the iCloud calendar, maybe in a separate folder.

That’s what I haven’t been able to figure out how to do (move events from the local calendar to the iCloud calendar).  Do I have to do an export?

Where do I find the local files?  Are these .dat files?  How and where do I move them?

I’m also concerned that if I set up the iCloud account on eMC again, my local calendar will be inaccessible again.  How do I maintain both and/or merge them together?  Is there a way to do that?  Will the new entries in my eM Client calendar automatically appear in my iCloud calendar?

None of the information I’ve found on how to do this seems to be addressing these specific needs.

Thanks again for your help.

One way to do it is to select your local calendar in eM Client. Instead of week or month view, choose Agenda. Click on Hide Past to toggle the past events if they are not visible. That way you have a list of all events. Use Ctrl+A to select all, then right-click on the events and choose Move to Folder. Select your iCloud calendar, and the events will be moved there. Any subfolders you have, you can move by right-click on the folder and choosing to move it to the iCloud folder.

Or you can leave everything as is, and have both a local calendar and your iCloud calendar.

You can’t move calendars around by moving dat files in the database directory. That will just break the database.

To be sure nothing goes wrong, just make a backup before you setup your iCloud account. Then if something goes wrong, simply restore.

If your Local calendar folder is unticked, when you create a new event it will be automatically created in the iCloud calendar. If you have multiple calendars in use, the best bet is just to select the appropriate one in the new event window by clicking on the calendar in the lower left. This will give you a list of available calendars in which to save the event.

Hope that helps.

One thing I noticed is the notification “This folder contains no items and no operation can be performed”

This can indicate that you have not selected a calendar. To reproduce it, select your calendar, and then collapse the tree. As soon as you loose focus on the calendar you get this notification. If you expand the tree and select your calendar by clicking on the calendar name (not just the tick box) the message goes away and you will see your calendar.

Of course it may also appear in other circumstances, as it did for you Mitch, but worth checking you have selected a calendar if you see this.