how to recall sent mail?

You cant recall it… its Sent.
The exception to this is some modern email clients have a ‘recall’ function but only for perhaps 1 minute after you sent it
If you set in error… better send another mail advising of your mistake.


There are modern email clients? What do you mean?

Hi Derek, unfortunately this feature is only supported by Outlook, but note this only applies to Exchange account, you would not be able to use it with your IMAP account.
Unfortunately this is not yet supported in eM Client, maybe in future upgrades.

Thank you for understanding,

is this still not supported?

eM Client 9 has the option to undo send, but that is not actually recalling a sent message.

Once you have sent the message, and it is uploaded to the server, you cannot recall it unless there is some server configuration that delays delivering the messages. But for normal use, you can’t recall a sent message.

A feature like undo send, means that the message send is delayed for a few seconds, during which time you can choose to undo. That will cancel the send.

This is what @Derek_Crookes described above before we had it implemented in eM Client.

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