How to rebuild database without losing data

I am using emclient on a Windows 10 pc and used it to migrate my old Windows Live Mail data from Windows 7. Worked a treat, very happy with the application. However it has recently started to stream errors on send/receive “An error occurred. SQL logic error or missing database table “Remote UIDS” already exists” . Other than the errors, the application is working normally. I have suppressed the error pop-up. Researching the error on these pages I see that a database rebuild would probably fix the issue, but how do I do this without losing any data? I have about 6Gb worth of email in around 15 folders I do not want to lose. If I take a backup and then restore, will this simply replicate the problem? Can anyone suggest a procedure I can follow to clean the database without losing any of my data?
If I continue to ignore the error I assume eventually the app will crash.

I am on version 7.0.27943.0.

Are you using an IMAP account now in EMClient ?

Yes, three IMAP accounts.

Ok. I would try manually running the EMClient 7 Database Repair file which is the one automatically run if EMClient detects an error on startup. Ive manually ran that a few times in the past when the mail database got corrupted due to faulty harddisks. Seemed to fix things for me.

In Win 10 go to C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client and Dblclick “Dbrepair.exe”. That will normally manually check your Mail file and hopefully repair it if corrupted. I would first do a backup though of the database in EMClient via the Menu / File / Backup incase it doesn’t work etc.

Note:- Failing that maybe try backing up via EMClient and then uninstalling EMClient and run a registry scan with eg CCleaner free and then reboot and reinstall EMClient and restore your mail backup.

Thanks cyberzork - will give this a go today and let you know how it goes.

Issue seems to be fixed now. I further noticed that as a result of the Windows Live migration my two email accounts were duplicated in the Accounts list - making 4 accounts - which incidentally was also causing an upgrade notification as the free license is limited to two accounts. I backed up the database, deleted the dupe accounts, ran dbrepair which ran OK - not sure if that means there were no errors, or whether it found errors and successfuly fixed them? I changed the setting back to notify of any subsequent errors, rebooted and EMClient came up in start as configured, downloaded new mail and no errors were reported. Looking good - thanks for the advice!

Well done :slight_smile: