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I’m evaluating eM. I have Outlook 2013 on both a Win7 and Win8 machine. I have K@ Mail Pro on a Galaxy S3. My email server is hosted by AT&T. My biggest issue is the inability to access pst file data on multiple machines. Does eM Mail allow me to use cloud-based (Dropbox, GDrive, OneDrive) files for personal email storage? I am using IMAP and know I could store messages in IMAP folders but am concerned about large-scale (2T) synchronization - especially for mobile access. Do eM clients impose any form of exclusive control over saved messages that would enable cloud synchronization for multiple clients?

Hi Byron,
It is not possible to store eM Client’s database on cloud based service, or to be more exact it is possible, but if more devices access the database it would end up with a broken database and might result in losing all your local data.
The best solution currently is indeed to use the IMAP folders, there should be no issue with large scale synchronization, evrey device using IMAP just synchronizes with the server and that allows you to see the exact same content on all your devices, including message flags etc.

Hope this helps,