How to properly upgrade to eM6 version


How do I upgrade to eM client 6 properly? It looks like this is a complete version release an upgrade so installing won’t work without removing the previous version.

Please advise.


Hi, you can run setup.msi file and install it over your old installation without problem.


The setup file is asking me to remove or repair the eMclient ? Shouldn’t it just install?


Go to help - about and tell me your exact version.


huh, didn’t realize i was already upgraded to v6.

my version is 6.0.19714.0

Does it automatically update to new versions?


You can click “Help --> Check for update…” to see if there is an update.

Note however that updates are rolled out in ‘groups’ … that is to say, not everyone will get a notification about a new update at the same time. (To prevent an overload of the eM Client servers.)

No, you are always informed and asked if you want to update. It is most likely that you have downloaded newest version already.